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 Please see studio handbook (sent via email) for full details on studio policies and mission statement. For studio calendar, dress code and shoe requirements: see below!


Click above to view our studio calendar for 2022-23! Be sure to make note of studio breaks, theme and dress up days, and recital weekend!

Virtual Classes

CDA will once again be offering virtual classes via Zoom as an option for dancers who are sick, out of town, or need to take class virtually for other reasons. To take a class over Zoom, we must receive advanced notice to ensure the instructor has proper equipment.

For morning classes, email by 8:00am. For afternoon/evening classes, email by 12:00pm

Classes ages 3-12 email

Level, teen and adult classes email

Following dress code is more than just a set of rules. Dancers who come prepared to class by following dress code are set up to dance with confidence and freedom. Instructors are also able to give clearer feedback and corrections to dancers who are wearing dress code approved dancewear.

Celebrate sells new and used dancewear and shoes all year round! To make an appointment to shop, please email

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