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Supporting Dancers: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Faith + Artistry + Excellence

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Summer & Fall 2024 Registration NOW OPEN!

AGES 3-18

CDA offers weekly classes for ages 3-18 in a variety of styles including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, musical theatre, contemporary, hip hop and more! Age-group classes children of any experience or ability level to learn and grow in their skills! All classes are open to beginners as well as dancers with a few years of experience under their belt. Free trial classes available!


Level classes are designed to provide a high-level technical training experience within a holistic dance curriculum grounded in faith. Level classes are designed for the experienced dancer who wants to focus on dance as their main extra- curricular activity. Classes are fast paced, have more performances throughout the year, and offer a more intense learning environment.


 Celebrate offers weekly drop-in ballet classes for adults as well as a rotating class schedule of adult jazz and modern. Whether you are brand new to dance, have taken a long hiatus from dance, or are a seasoned dancer: we have a place for you in our adult community of dancers!


Celebrate Dance Academy (CDA) is a non-competitive dance experience committed to nurturing
dancers of all ages to be artistically excellent and spiritually grounded leaders.


Founded in 2001 by Tracy Pearce, CDA has welcomed thousands of dancers into the studio spaces over the years and provided a nurturing environment for dancers to grow in their faith and creativity.

CDA creates a joy-filled and empowering learning experience where all ages and abilities are welcome. Dance classes take a holistic approach, valuing each dancer as a unique creation of God and providing an environment where each dancer is

supported in body, mind, and spirit.

As a CDA community, we commit to...

  • Valuing age-appropriate costumes, music, and movement

  • Inspiring artistic excellence and creativity

  • Cultivating Christ-centered dance education

  • Fostering a culture centered on joy

  • Embracing each student as a unique creation of God

  • Creating space for all ages and abilities as part of our community

  • Nurturing a holistic approach to movement: body, mind, soul, spirit

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