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Creative Movement

Creative movement is an energetic intro to dance for boys and girls ages 3-4. Each class includes learning basic dance steps & terminology, follow-along dances, and prop play. Dancers will use maracas, ribbon hoops, dancing scarves and other props to find the beat of the music and explore various movement styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to know how to sit still?

Nope! We know the attention span of preschoolers can be limited, so we fill every class with fast-paced fun and lots of fun activities to keep them engaged.

What will my child be learning? 

Along with basic dance steps, pre-schoolers will also learn important social dynamics like how to wait for their turn, how to listen to and respect their instructor, how to share with classmates, and more!

What if we register, but later decide that our child isn't quite ready for dance?

Celebrate! dancers do not sign contracts, and you can drop at any time. You can choose to pay monthly, but payments are non-refundable. Recital costumes are purchased in late November, so if a dancer drops after that point they will still be expected to pay for their costume in full.

Can I sit in the classroom and watch?

In an effort to limit distractions, we ask that parents and siblings remain outside the classroom unless there is a special circumstance. Each classroom has a window for parents to peek in at anytime and see what their child is learning. There will be three scheduled "observation weeks" throughout the year where parents will be invited into the classroom for the last 5-10 minutes of class to see what skills their child has been working on that month.

I have other children... can they come along to dance class?

Celebrate! provides a "Family Waiting Room" for families and to enjoy. This room is stocked with toys and coloring supplies, and is a great place for siblings to play, study, or have snacks while they wait.

Is their a year end performance?

Each creative movement class will participate in one year-end dance recital. This is a fully staged and costumed event and is truly a memorable experience for each child and their families. The recital is a ticketed event and will take place in the spring.

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